Strata repairs

Efficient strata repairs in Sydney

Strata repairs play an essential role in property management, and all the works need to be carried out efficiently with extreme care. High commercial buildings have a lot of challenging strata repairs. This is why strata repair services are taken up to avoid any type of disruption. If you are a property manager in Sydney and manage a lot of properties having less time to look into the repairing matters, contact us today for all your strata repairs in Sydney.

Our professional team will listen to your needs and make proper planning regarding the repairs quickly and efficiently. We have years of experience in the strata building repairing industry. Our team will carry out the repairing job effectively to provide you with quality service within the scheduled time and budget.

As a strata unit owner, you need to look after the whole building and understand the repairing problems faced by the people living in it. So, when it comes to strata repairs, we are the best solution for you. You can rely on our professionals without being worried and get quality service with perfectness.

Our Strata repair services involve:

Structural repair: 

We offer structural repairs such as demolish and reconstruct balconies, slab strengthening, steel work for structures, pre-stressed concretes, fixing cracks, etc.

Concrete repair: 

Our team clears out rust stains, broken and flaking concrete, and uses essential methods such as concrete and steel treatment, over-coating, breakouts, and use advance motors to perform the repair job.

Brickwork repair:

Our team will first analyse the issues and then carry out the repairing work that includes waterproofing, re-plastering, replace wall flashing, restore the damp, upgrade mortars, etc.

Tiling and waterproofing:

Our services include identifying water leak sources; retaining walls, water plug systems, epoxy coatings, PVC/Rubber/Liquid membranes, sealant application, etc.

Façade restoration: 

We will fully restore your building with new finishes by adding balcony railing, decorative features, aluminium windows, flooring, tiling, and much more.

Joint sealants:

Our team will examine the areas properly, where waterproofing and joint sealing is needed. They will carry out repair works for structural movement joint systems, brick cracking, waterproofing, shock absorption, etc.

Roof, floor, and wall repairs: 

Our team will apply different kinds of membrane applications suitable for the walls, floors, and roofs. Along with that, they will locate wet areas that require waterproofing and repair it.

External wall fire safety: 

Our team will inspect the high rise building for external wall fire safety and, after analysing, update it to you before commencing the repair job. They will determine every aspect to keep the building as well as the occupants safe.

Internal refurbishment: 

Our internal refurbishment includes foyer upgrade, removing and installing structural/non-structural walls, floor finishing, replacing floors and windows, etc.

We will make sure to keep your property safe and in the best shape. So, let us know whether your property requires any repairing job, and our team will take care of it.

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Safety Standards

Builders Sydney's employees and sub-contractors follow strict safety standards in accordance with our Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Management Procedures. All our employees are site safety induced and have induction cards and experience for all the tasks we undertake.

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